Designer / Owner  Claire Campbell Moseley 

Designer / Owner

Claire Campbell Moseley 


O'Harrow Clothier's Mission:

The idea that a piece of cloth can bear one’s history is what makes us who we are. Our shirts and pocket squares are made with the hope that they will be passed down for generations, to grandsons and granddaughters alike.  Whether it be the trim of a pocket square or the button of a shirt, hands make our products and as a California based company we strive to continue the history of American-made. The mission of O’Harrow Clothiers is simple,  to make timeless clothing and accessories that  bare their history and only get better with wear.

"For the Well-Mannered Rebels" - GQ


Designer Bio:

The vision behind O’Harrow Clothiers is that of Designer Claire Campbell Moseley a St. Louis, Missouri native whose spent most of her life shopping in the little boys section and whose previous experience in the fashion world consists of stints at GQ and Calvin Klein.  After 10 years of living in New York City, she decided to jump ship and move to the land of sun. In 2013 O'Harrow Clothiers was born in her Silver Lake back house and the rest is history.